PAX West 2017: First Impressions – Sausage Sports Club (Nintendo Switch)

What to say about Sausage Sports Club… well, it’s ridiculous, goofy, and frankly, straight-up fun.

This local multiplayer title is an action-sports game in the brutal vein of Gang Beasts but with the cutesy, floppy silliness of Octodad.

Players are given the chance to control long-necked animal avatars—hedgehogs, corgis, budgies, and more—and tosses you into a room where you flail around, inevitably screaming at your television, and attempt to battle each other in a variety of modes.

You basically use the characters’ necks as, uh… baseball bats? Battering rams? Garrotes? It’s hard to tell, either way, you’re trying to smash up your opponents while you play soccer, capture the flag, and other arcade style games. Naturally, the goal is to be the last one standing.

It was highly entertaining to play this with a group of fellow PAX-goers, and if playing it with friends is as fun as it was to play with a group of strangers, this may be a new favorite party game on the Switch when it launches sometime later this year.


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