Could You Be the Next Art Director for Metroid Prime 4?

If you’ve got art director skills and a resume that fits the bill, you could be working on Metroid Prime 4. Retro Studios, based in Texas, Tweeted a job listing for that very position—this comes after the multiple job listings they posted on the official Nintendo careers site back in April.

Here we are in June, and the search for an Art Director continues. The job seeks collaborative development of the game’s artistic direction, as well as a primary role in “artistic vision” that requires collaboration between Nintendo and the art team.

Those waiting for this particular title will recall the massive setback for Metroid Prime 4 when Nintendo’s Senior Managing EO Shinya Takahashi broke the news about the game’s development being scrapped and restarted from the ground up. That came at the start of this year, which was followed by the announcement of producer Kensuke Tanabe working with the series’ original developer, Retro Studios.

The inclusion of Retro Studios has been seen as overwhelmingly positive, but the impatience among fans only grows… so if you think you might be qualified for the position, go ahead and apply!


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