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By Faith, October 6, 2020 0 Mario, News

As gimmicky as it might seem at first glance, admit it: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit looks pretty darn cool, and you’re kinda excited about it. If you haven’t heard about this before, this release is Nintendo’s next foray into… Read More »

By Faith, October 5, 2020 0 News

It’s here, it’s really happening, it wasn’t just a fever dream you had caused by pandemic-induced hallucinations. The Monster Hunter movie is still happening, and it’s arriving in just a few months “in theatres,” whatever that means for the current… Read More »

By Dave, October 2, 2020 0 News, Smash Bros, Switch

Yesterday was the long-awaited announcement for the next character to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, given in the form of a short Super Smash Bros. presentation. Minecraft’s Steve was revealed as part of a collaboration with Super Smash… Read More »

By Faith, October 1, 2020 0 News, Switch

Today on Nintendo Switch is the launch of an interesting puzzle game called Powertris, which appears to be a blend of Pipe Mania and Tetris—and not a subtle one either. You can see it in the trailer below: players must… Read More »

By Dave, September 30, 2020 0 News, Switch

Although the acclaimed platform-adventure Ori and the Will of the Wisps hit the Nintendo Switch last week, in a surprise release from Moon Studios, it turns out there’s a physical release coming this December—as well as a physical release of… Read More »

By Faith, September 29, 2020 0 News, Switch

Projection: First Light from Blowfish Studios and Shadowplay Studios arrives today on Nintendo Switch! This light projection / shadow puppet-esque title is a platformer that we first previewed at PAX East 2018, where it took our “game of the show”… Read More »

By Dave, September 28, 2020 0 News

Although it has now been confirmed—as of this morning—yesterday, Netflix Portugal accidentally pulled back the curtain on a new Capcom CG anime series coming to the streaming app. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is a new show starring Claire Redfield and… Read More »

By Faith, September 25, 2020 0 Kirby, News, Switch

After a listing appeared a few days ago on the eShop without announcement or warning, we expected we’d hear some official news from Nintendo soon… and now we have! Kirby Fighters 2 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch right… Read More »

By Dave, September 25, 2020 0 Animal Crossing, News, Switch

That’s right, it’s cross-promotion time! As we gear up for holiday launches, what better way to promote two Nintendo games than by adding a special tie-in? It’s pretty cool, we think, and makes a strange kind of sense. Animal Crossing:… Read More »

By Faith, September 23, 2020 0 Kirby, News, Switch

Whoops! Something unexpected appeared on the Play Nintendo Website today – a new Kirby game!? Folks over on Twitter were talking about it this morning as it seems like Nintendo accidentally made a listing for Kirby Fighters 2, priced at $19.99USD,… Read More »