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By Dave, March 4, 2015 Comments Off 3DS, News, Wii U

If you haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, we’re not really sure why you’re still here. We mean, come on. It’s worth it. Go play, then come back and read this article! After all, the game was inspired by such classic… Read More »

By Faith, March 3, 2015 Comments Off Amiibo, News

Nintendo knows all about the amiibo stock issues in North America and around the rest of the world, and while they’ve promised to release more of some figures, they haven’t exactly let us know which ones we’ll be seeing more… Read More »

By Micah, March 3, 2015 Comments Off 3DS, News

When it comes to developers with a fantastic reputation in the industry, Inti Creates is at the top of the list. They specialize in action games with pixel-art, and they played a notable role in the development of Mighty No…. Read More »

By Dave, March 2, 2015 Comments Off Amiibo, News

We let you know earlier about some seemingly leaked and unconfirmed information regarding a Gold Mario amiibo at Walmart… the advertising folks were seeing around suggested it would be an exclusive to the retailer, but you never know until you… Read More »

By Micah, March 2, 2015 Comments Off 3DS, 3DS eShop, News, PAX East 2015, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

Thank goodness for this bit of news—Nintendo has actually decided to attend PAX East this year, and they’re bringing along a nice pile of playable titles for everyone to check out. The convention runs from March 6th-8th, and here are… Read More »

By Micah, February 27, 2015 Comments Off Uncategorized

If you were a Nintendo kid in the 90s, you may remember that Donkey Kong had his very own TV show, once upon a time! Or maybe you intentionally scrubbed that from your memory, in which case, we’re sorry for… Read More »

By Faith, February 26, 2015 Comments Off News

So from the looks of things, Disney may be working on a new, currently unannounced Wii U game… because freelance artist and 3D modeller Cari Mayle has been posting artwork from a game she’s working on to her personal website … Read More »

By Micah, February 25, 2015 Comments Off News

You’ve probably seen Nintendo Monopoly before… it’s not unusual to see classic games with Nintendo themes replacing the usual characters and cards. But according to game company USAopoly, you need more classic games with Nintendo skins! The first “new” release… Read More »

By Dave, February 24, 2015 Comments Off 3DS, NEW 3DS, News

Nintendo fans in North America may still be scratching their heads over Nintendo’s decision to release the New Nintendo 3DS many months after its launch in Japan. It was released in Japan last year, and we now know that this… Read More »

By Faith, February 23, 2015 Comments Off MegaMan, News

Quite some time ago, a Kickstarter was up for a project called Mega Man: The Board Game. Understandably, many were skeptical about how this could become a reality without Capcom coming in and shutting everything down… but Jasco Games has… Read More »