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By Faith, August 19, 2014 0 News, Wii U

Both Ubisoft and EA have received plenty of backlast from angry Nintendo fans, due to the on-again off-again relationships with the Wii U. Is the game coming to the system? Isn’t it? It’s enough to make your head spin. Many… Read More »

By Dave, August 19, 2014 0 News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

It’s a good thing that typos don’t have life-and-death consequences… or do they?! The very possibility is enough to make your fingers quake across the keyboard, which is perhaps why it’s the premise behind developer HeadUp Games’ newest title, Typoman…. Read More »

By Faith, August 18, 2014 0 3DS, News

Who wants an adventure RPG on the 3DS with a large world, charming visuals, and mechanics that are just complex enough to keep you engaged but not make you scream? That’s what we’re expecting from Fantasy Life, arriving in North… Read More »

By Dave, August 15, 2014 0 3DS, 3DS eShop, News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

Citizens of Earth is one of those strange success stories… it failed in a Kickstarter campaign, but publisher Atlus jumped in at zero hour and saved the game from oblivion. The game now is considered an anticipated download title for… Read More »

By Faith, August 15, 2014 0 Mario, News, Wii U

This past year, Nintendo of America has been trying really hard to create engaging social media content for Nintendo consoles and games. While other regions have also done this, Nintendo of America has really been at the forefront of unique… Read More »

By Dave, August 14, 2014 0 News, Wii U

You may have heard last year about the upcoming, charming platformer Paper Monsters Recut for the Wii U… and then either forgot about it or wondered what happened to it. Well, its arrival has been somewhat delayed, but Mobot Studios… Read More »

By Micah, August 14, 2014 0 3DS, News, Zelda

If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan and you don’t live in Europe or Australia… you may want to move there. Right now. Club Nintendo has a new Zelda-themed carrying case available for you to spend your stars on, and… Read More »

By Dave, August 13, 2014 0 News, Wii U, Zelda

If you’re following the news about Hyrule Warriors, you’ve probably seen several video introductions from Koei Tecmo of various cast members for the upcoming game. The newest video is for playable villain Ghirahim, originally famed for his role as villain… Read More »

By Faith, August 13, 2014 0 3DS, News, Wii U

Sonic fans! Listen up. If you get out that shiny piece of plastic of yours and pre-order either Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Wii U or Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for the 3DS, you can get another shiny… Read More »

By Dave, August 12, 2014 0 3DS

It’s that time again… yes, time for Nintendo to introduce another limited edition 3DS, in celebration of a highly anticipated release. This time around it’s a 3DS XL in honor of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS. This red… Read More »