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By Dave, August 26, 2015 0 News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

Although it released on PC first and in Xbox One in 2014, we’ll forgive it… because Volgarr the Viking is setting out to pillage your Nintendo consoles! The game is essentially a love letter to those insanely difficult, angry-making-but-obsession-inducing tough… Read More »

By Dave, August 26, 2015 0 News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

If you were one of the many folks who hopped aboard the Shovel Knight hype train back in 2014, you likely enjoyed that ride all the way to the final stop—and were excited to hear about the expansion coming as… Read More »

By Dave, August 25, 2015 0 News, PAX Prime 2015

In just a few days, thousands of gamers will be converging on Seattle’s downtown core, eager to try out new games and experience the phenomenon known as PAX Prime. With tickets sold out almost as soon as they went on… Read More »

By Micah, August 24, 2015 0 News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

Although it’s spent some time as a Wii U eShop platformer, it looks like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is getting an update as a physical retail release in North America next month. The game is listed on several retailers’ websites… Read More »

By Dave, August 24, 2015 0 Amiibo, News

Those Yarn Yoshi amiibo were a great idea from Nintendo—cuddly, soft amiibo! What could be better? How about a GIANT cuddly amiibo? We’re totally serious. As adorable as Yarn Yoshi amiibo is (or was? has anyone actually managed to get… Read More »

By Faith, August 24, 2015 0 Mario, News, Wii U

Nintendo of America has gone ahead and confirmed all the details on the upcoming Super Mario Maker bundle, which is great news for those who are planning to buy a new Wii U with the game. The Super Mario Maker… Read More »

By Dave, August 21, 2015 0 Amiibo

It’s time! The amiibo figures that Nintendo announced would be restocked months ago have finally made it off the ports and into stores! You’ll gradually start to see amiibo hitting the shelves in the days ahead, but of course the… Read More »

By Dave, August 21, 2015 0 2DS, News

What’s that you hear? Oh, that’s just the sound of Nintendo slashing a whopping $30 off the recommended retail price for their Nintendo 2DS handheld console. Say what? Yes indeed, the price will drop to $99.99 as of August 30th,… Read More »

By Faith, August 20, 2015 0 , ,

It’s entirely possible that you may have played this game before… back in 2013. Originally released on Steam two years… Read More »

By Micah, August 20, 2015 0 Splatoon, Update, Wii U

Ah yes, the Splatoon Hype Train just keeps on pulling into the station, week after week! If you recall the photos we showed earlier this week for the upcoming Splatfest—and that the map featured in those images was one we… Read More »