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By Micah, January 13, 2015 0 News, Wii U

You may have forgotten that your Wii U has apps on it. Yes, it’s not just for playing games and posting to Miiverse, you can access YouTube and Netflix, and all kinds of other entertainment apps. YouTube, perhaps the most… Read More »

By Dave, January 13, 2015 0 News

We’re just under two weeks into 2015, and Nintendo is ready to start your year off with a dose of excitement for their upcoming game releases. Last year, we waited on pins and needles for the first Nintendo Direct of… Read More »

By Faith, January 12, 2015 0 News, Wii

Next Level Games is a development studio close to our hearts, as they’re Canadian-based and have worked on some fantastic Nintendo titles, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Currently, the studio is actually developing exclusively for Nintendo’s platforms, but back in… Read More »

By Micah, January 9, 2015 Comments Off News

In sad and disappointing news for Nintendo fans in Brazil, Nintendo has made an official announcement that they’ll cease operations in that country, effective immediately and for the foreseeable future. This month we’ll see distribution of games and systems stop,… Read More »

By Dave, January 9, 2015 Comments Off News, Wii U

eSports is one of those strange gaming phenomena that brings millions of fans together across the globe each year. While we’ve certainly seen plenty of competitive gaming in the PC realm (LoL, anyone?), Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon events… Read More »

By Faith, January 8, 2015 Comments Off Kirby, News

It was recently that we shared with you a video off the Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel, a commercial for the upcoming Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It was pretty darn cute and made the game look like a lot of… Read More »

By Micah, January 8, 2015 Comments Off News, Wii U

Here at Nintendo Fire, we love indie games, so we’re happy to tell you about a simple yet challenging title that’s on its way to the Wii U eShop later this month. Midnight, brought to you by Petite Games, is… Read More »

By Micah, January 7, 2015 Comments Off Amiibo, Club Nintendo, News

More Club Nintendo news today, but this one is specific to North American members. Nintendo is reportedly offering some Club Nintendo members in the United States the chance to give their opinions about amiibos via an online survey—likely in response… Read More »

By Faith, January 7, 2015 Comments Off 3DS, Club Nintendo, News

It’s an announcement that no doubt is causing jaw-drops and tidal waves of envy over here in North America: Nintendo Europe is presenting certain selected loyal Nintendo fans the opportunity to purchase a New Nintendo 3DS before it’s officially launched… Read More »

By Dave, January 6, 2015 Comments Off Mario, Wii U

Last December, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen went around to various YouTube channels to film with them, in order to increase their presence online and get exposure in front of millions of subscribers. The most followed of the channels was… Read More »