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By Dave, September 13, 2016 0 Pokeman Go, Pokemon

Pokémon GO has been around for a few months now, and it’s not unusual to still see folks out and about on their phones in the evening, catching the ‘mons. New features have been added since launch, but like any… Read More »

By Dave, September 13, 2016 0 3DS, News

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no spring chicken in the world of Nintendo products, but it’s ready to be launched into a new phase thanks to an upcoming re-release and update this November. The update will bring amiibo functionality into… Read More »

By Dave, September 12, 2016 0 Mario, Wii U

If Nintendo’s offerings at last week’s PAX West event were any indication, the big releases left to come for the Wii U in 2016 are…few. Very few. Aside from a handful of remarkable-looking indie titles (which we’re definitely excited about!)… Read More »

By Dave, September 12, 2016 0 3DS, 3DS eShop

Earlier this year, the title Digger Dan DX was removed from the 3DS eShop after a takedown issue from First Star Software, the studio that owns a similar title called Boulder Dash. The dispute has now been resolved, and Digger… Read More »

By Dave, August 31, 2016 0 News

When it comes to retailers at the forefront of pop culture trends, you may not think of Build-a-Bear as sitting at the top of the list. However, the retailer has been ahead of the curve in the past year or… Read More »

By Dave, August 31, 2016 0 3DS, 3DS eShop, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

We’ve seen some pretty solid end-of-summer sales pop up in the eShop over the past few weeks, and it’s time for yet another one to arrive! Capcom is ready to get in on the action, from today until September 6th…. Read More »

By Dave, August 30, 2016 0 News

For the past decade, Renegade Kid has been one of the most recognizable names on the Nintendo DS series of consoles, appearing for retail and in the eShop earlier than many other studios—and sticking around a lot longer than many… Read More »

By Dave, August 30, 2016 0 News, Nintendo Direct

It’s time! It’s happening! It’s another Nintendo Direct, finally! And, uh…it’s only for the 3DS. Well, so that’s probably not what you were expecting or hoping, but there it is. It’s something? Before you get all uppity about it, Nintendo… Read More »

By Dave, August 29, 2016 0 News

On Friday, eight more games were added to the Nintendo Selects range of products, all which retail for only $19.99. These games are a chance to try out some older, big-name titles at a discounted price, which is a super… Read More »

By Dave, August 29, 2016 0 3DS

You read that title correctly! But we didn’t even include the best part in there—it’s Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime who broke the news in a video posted on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account today. The ‘Galaxy Style’ New… Read More »