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By Faith, July 18, 2017 0 News, Wii U

If you’re still regularly using your Wii U, you’ve probably received the most recent system update which brings the system to 5.5.2… but you probably didn’t mine the data (as some are wont to do) and discover this small hint… Read More »

By Dave, February 27, 2017 0 News, Wii U

Hey, remember when 2016 was the 30th anniversary of a game franchise and Nintendo celebrated it by doing… uh, nothing. They did nothing. Unless you’re counting Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but we suspect you may be throwing things at your… Read More »

By Faith, January 19, 2017 0 News, Wii U

There’s been a lot of unpacking of the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since last week’s Nintendo Switch presentation, with many theories swirling around the internet about the story, the characters, and notably…about that one… Read More »

By Dave, September 12, 2016 0 Mario, Wii U

If Nintendo’s offerings at last week’s PAX West event were any indication, the big releases left to come for the Wii U in 2016 are…few. Very few. Aside from a handful of remarkable-looking indie titles (which we’re definitely excited about!)… Read More »

By Dave, August 31, 2016 0 3DS, 3DS eShop, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

We’ve seen some pretty solid end-of-summer sales pop up in the eShop over the past few weeks, and it’s time for yet another one to arrive! Capcom is ready to get in on the action, from today until September 6th…. Read More »

By Micah, August 23, 2016 0 Mario, Wii U

No matter how you feel about Toad…you can’t deny that he and his friends are totally adorable, and can often provide entertainment value inside Mario games. This could be a good or bad thing when it comes to Paper Mario:… Read More »

By Faith, August 22, 2016 0 3DS, PAX Prime 2016, Wii U

PAX West is sneaking up on us once again this year, arriving from September 2nd-5th at the Washington State Convention Center. As in previous years, Nintendo is bringing out the big guns to ensure that fans and new players alike… Read More »

By Faith, August 22, 2016 0 3DS, PAX Prime 2016, Wii U

It’s almost that time again! PAX West is coming up quickly, held September 2nd-5th at the Washington State Convention Center, and just as they have in previous years, Nintendo will be coming out with a big showing. Last year, Nintendo… Read More »

By Dave, July 29, 2016 0 News, Wii U

A few months back, we learned that the toys-to-life project brought to us by Disney would be no longer—Disney Infinity was coming to an end as the development studio closed so that Disney could step out of the business of… Read More »

By Dave, July 27, 2016 0 Kirby, News, Wii U, Wii-U eShop

Summer may be half over…but everyone’s favorite pink blob is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this week to ease your woes! Kirby is a strange little critter who almost never fails to put a smile on players’ faces—when… Read More »