System Update: Mario Kart 7 Patches

It’s time.

Yes, I’m talking to you. The Mario Kart 7 player who has been exploiting the shortcuts, making life difficult for the rest of us (*cough* not that I would ever *cough* use them *cough*).


Today, you and everyone else who’s been wishing they could play without getting smoked can head to the Nintendo eShop and download the game update! While it’s not required for single player or local multiplayer, it’s mandatory for anyone who wants to play multiplayer online—your DS will force you to head to the shop to get it before you can connect to online multiplayer.

The patches will affect only the three maps with glitches: Maka Wuhu, Wuhu Loop, and Bowser Castle 1.

You may need to update the eShop before downloading the 1.1 patch, but your system should prompt you for this once you’ve touched the icon.

Get on over there and update that game!


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