Grooving Along with Rhythm Thief

Who would have believed that SEGA could still pull out a winning 3DS title for us? They’re still on board with providing fun-fun-fun for the fans, and they’ve done it with Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure. It’s a quirky little game that’s well-suited for music fans everywhere, with two-bite levels (mmm, brownies) and a funky soundtrack that’ll have you grooving along and making commuters everywhere jealous at the good time you’re having.

But did you also know that there was a live music event in Japan for the game, where a band and dancers – yep, live and in concert – played the game’s score for an audience? Exciting! (We tried to find footage, but it appears the concert YouTube has been taken down… sorry!)

European Nintendo fans can grab a copy of the game right now, while North America has to wait until July 10th. Put it on your watch list if you’re a music lover, and put your dancing shoes on.


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