The UK Loves the 3DS a Million Times Over… Almost

Yes, that’s right – the UK is nearing one million units sold! Aww, feel the love.

The site Pocket Gamer is claiming that the 3Ds is just about to hit this figure, sitting just under 950k units sold after being on shelves for 61 weeks.

Now, compared to the original DS, that’s a slower pace. It sold a million after only 51 weeks, so the 3DS is a little behind in terms of market traction.

According to Nintendo of America, the 3DS beat the DS’s sales for year one in the first eight months after release, but it seems the UK is a little slower to pick up on the new tech. Sadly for poor Mario, the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has said the plumber’s UK presence is “smallest in the world.”

Why no love for Italian plumbers, UK???


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