Look Into the Abyss with DSiWare

EnjoyUp Games has been no stranger to providing download titles, especially titles on DSiWare. One of the standout titles was Gaia’s Moon, which was available to download for only 200 Nintendo Points – and now, we’re seeing “Gaia” from EnjoyUp Games once again, but this time in the upcoming DSiWare released titled Abyss, as a collectible item.

In the Abyss, players navigate a robot named Nep2no through the sea’s depths, staying within the confines of a decreasing light source while recovering Gaia stones. The game is set on Earth in the year 3024, and your search for these stones is part of an effort to find new energy sources and ensure the survival of humanity.

Sure, we’ve heard the story before… but navigating a robot in the sea’s depths sounds like a good, fresh spin on the concept. We’ll find out!


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