The Elusive White Raccoon… Also Known as “Mario”

He’s back and he’s ready to guide you through the wilderness… or, should we say, the really flippin’ hard levels of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Because you know it’s coming.

If you recall, Super Mario 3D Land had that wonderful feature for players in the later levels (like, waaaay into the later levels) where, if you died five times in the same area, a White Raccoon Suit would appear. If you never made it that far and are wondering what the heck we’re talking about, this is the deal: Die five times in the same area, the power-up appears, you take it (maybe?), and Mario turns into an indestructible force of nature that can complete stages without dying.

And now it’s been confirmed that the elusive White Raccoon will return once again for the really hard levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2. So regardless of your playing experience, or ability to press the A button, you’ll be able to get through the game if you’re patient.

From the sounds of things, we suspect many of us will have the chance to see the White Raccoon sooner rather than later…


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