eShop Bonus Confirmed for NA for… New Super Mario Bros. 2

Yeah, we can’t get enough of the Mario news either.

Nintendo may have convinced many players who’ve held off on eShop downloads to change their minds with this announcement – they want you to purchase New Super Mario Bros. 2 through the eShop instead of in-box, and just like they did in Japan, they’re offering you an incentive to do it.

The announcement showed up on the Club Nintendo website, saying that if you buy the game through the 3DS eShop and then head over to your Club Nintendo account to complete the registration survey, you’ll get a whopping 100 coins in your account, as opposed to the usual 50. The offer will be available until September 20th, and as usual, you’ll need to make sure your 3DS is linked to your Club Nintendo account for the process to work as intended.


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