Good News for 3DS XL in Japan and UK

If anyone was concerned about the 3DS launch, it looks like the fears may have been unfounded. While it’s still too early to tell whether the 3DS XL will be considered a success or not, it has certainly got off to a steady start for the first release weekend – when you look at figures for both the XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Enterbrain, a charting company, has confirmed that 193,000+ units were sold in Japan over the first two days of release, which means it outsold the DSi XL’s release weekend numbers, which were 103,000 units.

Considering the negative view many have taken toward Nintendo’s decision to release the XL (including some questions we raised in our opinion piece), this is good news for the company and hopefully for the system’s release elsewhere.

As for New Super Mario Bros. 2? While we don’t have digital download sales figures yet, we know that the eShop service was down for a few hours on launch day… and when it comes to retail figures, the game sold 430,000 copies over the weekend.

North America, hold onto your hats – we’re less than 20 days away from your launch date!


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