Hop Aboard the Normandy on Wii U Launch

Here’s another announcement straight out of EA’s Summer Showcase event – for the first time, BioWare is putting their games onto a Nintendo home system, and they couldn’t be more excited about it. Mass Effect 3 will be heading onto the Wii U as a launch title this fall, and it should be a welcome addition for those who’ve played the game before, and for those new to the series.

For new players, or new to the Mass Effect universe, the game will contain an interactive mode that fills in the backstory and allows for some decision-making early on, to help shape your version of Commander Shephard… which is better than getting into the meat of the game with a completely clean slate, considering how important choices are built to shape the flow of the game.

The game will also take advantage of the GamePad’s unique abilities by including different control options. And of course, we’ll see multiplayer modes and the Extended Cut ending DLC, though there currently isn’t any confirmation whether the recently-announced Leviathan will be available as DLC.


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