Nintendo Grabs 70% Market Share in Japan

Hey, guess what? Wired is reporting that chart creators Media Create ( have produced some interesting information that reads as excellent news for Nintendo.

Even though the 3DS sales in Japan have stayed strong, we can now see that Nintendo currently holds a market share of around 70% in Japan, when software and hardware sales are combined (but yes, the software part does count third-party titles).

The ongoing success of the 3DS system brings the hardware portion of the stat to 75%, while Nintendo’s software share of the market is just over 69%. That’s 2/3rds of the gaming market in Japan… are you impressed yet? Those are the highest figures for the company in five years.

One additional figure being reported in news markets is that the overall sales for the Japanese holiday / festival of Obon are down about 10% from last year, but considering the current performance in the marketplace, it looks like sales are staying strong for the time being in Japan. If we hear updates about Nintendo’s market share outside of that country, we’ll let you know!


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