Crawl into The Cave on the Wii U

Rob Gilbert, legend among many gamers for his Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion titles, has been confirmed to be working alongside another legend in the gaming community—Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions. These two ex-LucasArts staff members have come together to create The Cave, a “Metroidvania-style platform romp”.

The game lets players choose three characters out of seven, and then use these characters to make your way through the cave (you know, the one the game is named for) using the unique abilities of the characters you’ve chosen to solve puzzles.

This past weekend at PAX Prime 2012, Greg Rice (rep for Double Fine) confirmed that the game will be heading over to the Wii U eShop (in addition to being available on PSN and XBLA).

And although the trailer was released in May, here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet:


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