Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview Confirmed For… Tomorrow!

Nintendo fans in North America and Europe will have a lot to talk about tomorrow night, as September 13th is the confirmed date both Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe’s press conference. Both presentations will be made at the same time (10am EST in North America, 3pm UK, 4pm CEST in Europe) and guess what? Japan isn’t going to be left out of the excitement either.

The announcement has come down the tubes that Japan’s press conference will also be held at on September 13th, at 4pm in Japan (which is 3am for EST in North America, if you’re really keen).

Even if you’re not in New York (or Europe… or Japan…) you’ll be able to watch the conferences  streamed live.

What are we going to hear about? The Wii U’s release date, price, and other information, so you may want to be sure to take a few minutes out of the day for this one.


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