Playing Dress-Up in Tekken TT 2 Wii U Edition

You’ve probably already heard that you’ll be able to dress up Heihachi and your other favourite Tekken characters in Mario & Luigi suits in Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition… but now you can add Fox McCloud, Princess Zelda, and Samus to the list!

Japanese magazine Famitsu made the announcement recently, and it seems that there’s plenty of Nintendo fan-service in the upcoming game. Now, you may find that strange if you’re not already a fan of Tekken games, but when you consider that two of the franchise’s main characters are a kangaroo and a panda, it’s not so strange after all.

Here’s what we’ve got so far on the costumes, which are linked to specific characters:

  • Mario: Heihachi
  • Luigi: Marshall Law
  • Zero Suit Samus: Anna
  • Fox: Hwoarang
  • Bowser: Ganryu
  • Ganondorf: Armor King
  • Link: Kazuya
  • Zelda: Nina


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