3DS System Update Means You Have to BUY THE GAMES

Yes, that’s right—the days of piracy on the DS family of consoles are nearly over. Now, while there are some honest people out there who use flashcards on their DS to store copies of their games, the much bigger problem comes from people who use these cards to play copies of games they’ve pirated, or purchased stolen.

Nintendo has always done everything they could to crack down on piracy, trying to ensure consumers that the 3DS was a more secure system than previous iterations. And it has been, with 3DS hacks nowhere to be found, despite the system being released for more than a year now.

As of the system update last week (4.4.0-10U), almost all the DS flashcards that still worked on the 3DS have stopped working, with an estimated 95% of these cards blocked with no way around it in the software.

And while there may be a few out there that still work, Nintendo will no doubt find a way to lock those down in the very near future. In the meantime? Why not support the game companies who produce things you like by paying for them… allowing the companies to make more games you like. Imagine that, eh?


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