Save That Space: TTT2 Wii U Download Will Cost Less Than Retail

This news is more relevant for Nintendo fans in Japan, but it may be the start of a trend that we’ll see elsewhere in the world in the near future—Namco Bandai will be making Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U available both in-store and as a digital download on launch day, according to Siliconera (

But in a move that’s sure to make you scratch your head in indecision, the game will be cheaper when downloaded from the Wii U eShop. Purchases from store shelves will cost 6,980¥, while the eShop download will be 6,280¥.

In theory, that’s good news—but the file size is what might set you running for the stores. It’ll consume 16.7 GB of the Wii U’s HDD space… and for Premium console owners, that’ll be just over half of your system’s space. For one game.

So will we see this outside of Japan? It remains to be seen, because right now, 3Ds eShop games in Europe are more pricey than shelved copies. If these prices come down, however, it may be time to weigh whether it’s a better value to buy another hard drive for storage, or just stick to supporting your local gaming establishment.


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