Drop a Beat on DSiWare’s Rytmik World Music

We’ve heard a confirmation from Cinemax that they’re going to be bringing their title Rytmik World Music onto DSiWare, making it the fifth entry in their series of titles about music composition. It’s a strong series that has received very good reviews on a number of gaming sites, as each game has brought a well-rounded music composition experience right into your living room.

And since the series has already done its duty with genres like retro, hip-hop, and rock, the latest instalment will focus on world music. There will be 117 different sounds from a wide variety of instruments found around the world. The top screen visualizer will see 20 variations.

We don’t have a final release date for this one yet, but on the official website there are 11 pre-created tracks to listen to that will eventually be included with the software. Interesting, yes?


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