System Update Warning: Halting May Brick Your Console

Hopefully by now, those of you who picked up your Wii U yesterday have set up and updated your system, and have been enjoying hours of exploration in the eShop, Miiverse, and maybe have started a new game or two.

But if you’re one of a small group of people whose power went out or whose internet flubbed during the system update… you may be crying into your empty box this morning. According to a number of reports on Twitter, the system can be accidentally bricked by interrupting the system update. Not a good sign.

The issue came to light through Ben Fritz, a LA Times film business reporter. He was apparently installing the enormous update and wasn’t sure that the update was actually doing anything—the progress bar had been stuck for some time—so he unplugged the system with the intention of starting the update over again. When he rebooted the machine… he found that his Wii U would no longer play any games. And now it’s bricked.

And before you jump down his throat for unplugging during an update, here’s what his Tweet had to say:

The tweets keep coming from people whose power or internet went out during the 5 gb update and now, like mine, their Wii U is a brick.

Moral of the story: Don’t get impatient, and pray that your power or internet doesn’t go down during the update. Good luck!


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