Only 4000 Copies of Hyrule Historia Limited Edition

We’ve been bringing you updates on the 272-page Legend of Zelda art book, Hyrule Historia, over the past few months, and we have no doubt that those of you are manic Zelda fans have this one directly on your radar for Christmas ordering (or as a “personal” gift). But you might want to save a few more rupees  than originally planned, because publisher Dark Horse Books has announced that it’ll be releasing a limited edition copy of the book. The catch? There will only be 4000 copies available.

The Limited Edition Hyrule Historia comes in at $69.99, a bump up from the standard version at $34.99. And while the limited edition doesn’t seem to have any additional content from the standard version, it’s bound with a faux-leather hardcover with a Gate of Time embossed symbol on the front cover—along with gilded page edges.

You can sign up for an email alert when the pre-order page is available on Amazon—as of writing, there’s no option to pre-order, but presumably we’ll see it soon. Be quick on the draw for this one, though! 4000 copies for a legion of Zelda fans means it’ll likely disappear faster than cheese puffs at a D&D game.


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