Third Time’s the Charm for Gold Nunchuk

Get ready, and keep collecting those coins! If you missed it the first two times around, the Golden Nunchuk is returning to Club Nintendo this January.

We first saw the Gold Nunchuk in August, when Club Nintendo released it as part of a small promotion with the Olympics, but also as an item that complemented the limited edition Skyward Sword Gold Wii Remote.

Not everyone was able to get one, of course, and there was a bit of a storming of the seas last Monday when it showed up again on North America’s Club Nintendo—but they vanished just as fast as you could blink, leaving plenty of folks disappointed again.

Well, Nintendo isn’t one to leave people sad for long, so we’ll be seeing more of these this January! Keep your 900 coins close and a daily eye on Club Nintendo, because it could appear on any random date or time—that’s just the way Nintendo does it. Get ready!


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