No SD Slot for Wii Mini

Add this to the list of things the Wii Mini doesn’t have: an SD card slot.

The Wii Mini—only available in Canada as of December 7th, oddly enough—is a no-frills version of the Wii system, with no online functionality and therefore doesn’t play eShop games. It also doesn’t have  backward compatibility with GameCube games.

The lack of an SD slot now means that players can’t transfer their save data, though this missing function should have very little impact, considering again the lack of online capability. We’re thinking it was removed for the sake of cost reduction on this version of the console.

And while the world is still scratching its head over the Wii Mini’s exclusivity in the Great White North, Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada had this to say about the release:

“… they are two very different products for a different type of player. It really depends on the experience that players want and their preferred investment in their gaming console. If a player just wants to play Wii games, Wii Mini is a great choice at a great price. If the player wants more from their system, Wii U is the latest innovation of fun from Nintendo.”

Canadians will be able to pick up this latest offering for $99.99, beginning this Friday.


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