Rayman Legends Demo in Wii U eShop Now!

Finally, the game you’ve all been waiting for—the demo of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated title Rayman Legends is all set for a release at the end of February (March in the UK), and to whet our appetites, the demo has arrived!

Even though the demo didn’t arrive on schedule, it’s here now (and if you’re living in Europe, it should be there momentarily). You get 30 plays on the demo, and the download will use up 578MB of space. The demo contains three levels from the game, all of which are of course named: Toad Story, Castle Rock, and Teensies in Trouble.

If you’ve already played a demo for the game in-store or at one of this year’s gaming expos, you may have already played through Castle Rock and Teensies in Trouble, but Toad Story is a brand new demo level for everyone. You’ll have a chance to glide through the air, save creatures, and generally get into plenty of trouble.

Despite the game delay, hopefully this will be enough to satisfy fans in the meantime.


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