Blue Bomber Drops Onto Virtual Console in His First Six Missions

You’ve heard our mutterings about Capcom recently – how they’ve been saying they’ wanted to bring the Mega Man NES games to the 3DS Virtual Console, and how we weren’t sure if it would actually happen. Well, the time is now! It’s real, and it’s fantastic.

Brelston, a Capcom employee, revealed the good news on the Capcom Unity blog, letting us know that the original Mega Man will show up in the eShop on December 27th, with Mega Man 2 coming on February 7th. The rest of the games up to 6 will appear at “regular intervals” through 2013.

Of course, this is part of the celebrations for Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary, though doubtless it won’t be the last we see of the Blue Bomber in 2013.


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