Project X Zone’s Troubles in Japan

In a surprising turn of events, Namco Bandai’s crossover RPG game Project X Zone has seen a massive price drop in Japan—with one retailer cutting the price by an unbelievable 85% as they attempt to shift unsold stock (or so it appears).

And as if that wasn’t bad enough? It looks like the version of the game seeing this heavy discount is the first-print edition of the game… yes, the limited edition box set. The version that typically sells out before or just after a game’s release.

To take a look at the numbers, the game originally retailed for around $72 USD, and is now selling for $11 USD. While the hype didn’t exactly happen in Japan as hoped (or expected), for awhile there the significant Western interest in the game sparked hope that it might appear on the West’s store shelves in the near future.

And while that still may happen—who knows!—this unexpected “get it out of here!” price drop may cause Namco Bandai to rethink their plans for the title elsewhere and use their cash for something else.


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