LEGO Builds a New World in Legends of Chima

With the popularity of the LEGO game series far from waning, Warner Bros. and TT Games have revealed the next instalment, coming down the line this year—and it’s not something based on a TV series, movie, or even an existing character. It’s a completely original world, based on the new Legends of Chima LEGO set series that’ll be hitting store shelves this year.

The game that ties into the LEGO sets is called LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey, and players will have an opportunity to journey into the world of Chima and fight for justice as Laval, one of the key characters in this series. There are three planned games forthcoming for the franchise, with the other two games coming on different platforms—but if you play Laval’s Journey, you can earn points that work with the other games somehow. Talk about incentivising cross-platform gaming!

We’ll see this one popping onto the 3DS in Summer 2013, and those still clinging to their DS will probably get it in the fall. It’ll be interesting to watch this one and see whether LEGO can maintain popularity with their games, when attached to an original LEGO idea instead of a pre-existing media franchise.


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