Nyko Power Pak Provides Three Times the Staying Power

As much as we all love the Wii U and the GamePad, there’s one big complaint heard regularly about the system—the battery life of the GamePad controller is abysmal. How many times have you had to play with the controller connected to the outlet because you forgot to top it up overnight?

Well, good news! Nyko, a manufacturer of peripherals, has created a solution for us: the Power Pak for the GamePad that provides three times the longevity of the official power cell. Even more conveniently, this enhanced battery pack is the same size as the original cell and therefore fits into the existing battery slot. No special charge cable needed! Huzzah!

Nyko has also released an official statement announcing the product:

“Keep your Wii U GamePad charged and ready for action with the Power Pak™ from Nyko Technologies®. The Power Pak is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery designed exclusively for the GamePad and the rigorous demands of gamers. The triple capacity battery provides up to 3x the playtime on a single charge, and seamlessly replaces the existing GamePad battery for a sleek and seamless upgrade, ideal for marathon gaming sessions. The Power Pak charges using the stock AC Adaptor or Charging Cradle included with the Wii U, as well as Nyko’s charging solutions for the GamePad. The Power Pak is the ideal solution for powering your GamePad allowing you to play longer with no change to the appearance of the controller. A mini screwdriver is included with each PowerPak, no additional tools are needed to install the battery.”

The Power Pak will be $24.99, and if that’s not enough for you, Nyko has also announced several other products: a Wii U controller that mimics the Xbox 360 controller called the Pro Commander ($34.99), a kickstand & replacement battery all-in-one called the UBoost ($29.99), a Charge Base Pro ($29.99), and Charge Station U ($34.99).

Look for these products hitting store shelves in February!


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