Emergency Maintenance Scheduled Today/Tomorrow: Check Your Times

News is circulating that Nintendo has planned a wide-reaching emergency maintenance window in Europe and North America today, running more or less simultaneously across the board.

What this means is, don’t expect to try and download anything on the Wii U, Wii, DS or 3DS this afternoon or evening, as you may be under maintenance at this time. If you absolutely need the eShop today, grab your game now!

Here’s what we’ve learned will be unavailable during maintenance times in North America, and when:

Jan 28th, Monday – 11pm until Jan 29th, Tuesday, 5pm (PST)
–          Affecting: Nintendo DS, Network Services, Pokemon Black & White, Pokemon Black & White 2


Jan 28th, Monday – 11pm until Jan 29th, Tuesday, 6pm (PST)
–          Affecting: Wii U, Matchmaking, Ranking, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper


Jan 28th, Monday – 12pm until 5pm (PST)
–          Affecting: Wii U & 3DS Nintendo eShop, Wii Shopping Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop


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