Fire Emblem: Awakening Goes Back to Bed Due to Shipping Delays

While we haven’t yet reviewed it here on Nintendo Fire, rumors circulating around the gaming ‘verse are that Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game to own and play on the 3DS. It’s apparently just that good.

However, it now appears that a shipping delay from the manufacturer has stopped many would-be players from finding a copy of the game; a number of stores have pushed back their delivery estimates at time of writing, according to Game Informer:

“I called a few Best Buy and GameStop stores, some nearby, some far away, and most were reporting a small delay. The Best Buys I spoke to said the game probably wouldn’t be available until Wednesday February 6, and the GameStops said the game may not be available until Friday, February 8 due to shipping errors. Amazon also has a notice on its Fire Emblem: Awakening page that reads, “Potential Shipping Delay: Delivery of Fire Emblem: Awakening pre-orders may be affected by manufacturer shipping delays. Amazon apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Well, that’s a problem. We hope you found a copy if you were hoping for one, otherwise? You may have to sit tight for a few more days.


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