Activision Announces Skylanders Swap Force on Nintendo Platforms

It’s real! It’s true! It’s happening!!!

Activision has put themselves back in the running against Disney Infinity with an announcement for their latest upcoming Skylanders title, Skylanders Swap Force. And it’s coming to the Wii U, Wii, and 3DS.

As you might suspect from the title, the focus of the new game will be swapped character components. Each character’s top and bottom half are interchangeable, giving players the power to create new characters through a mix-and-match process.

That said, it’ll require a new portal to be able to read this swap feature, so… it’s not going to be cheap. But who cares? This places Activision solidly in the running to steal the show for holiday release season.

Now, we don’t have a firm release date for the game, but late 2013 is a good guess. Vicarious Visions will be overseeing the Wii U edition, n-Space will do the 3DS version, and the Wii version—yes, that’s right, the Wii will continue to see game releases throughout this year!—will be handled by Beenox.

Watch the trailer below! (Yes, I may be a bit biased, but come on… it looks fantastic.)


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