Rayman Legends Dev Team Publicly Protest Wii U Delay

Well, this is going to ruffle some feathers over at Ubisoft.

Last week’s announcement that Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U exclusive—and that it would be delayed until September—disappointed many people who were eagerly waiting for this launch window title. It was a blow to Nintendo too, and shortly after the announcement, forums everywhere exploded with messages from fans feeling angry and betrayed. And of course, petitions went up to bring back the original launch date for Wii U.

And now in a shocking twist, the creator of Rayman—industry vet Michel Ancel—has been photographed next to his development team in several pictures, under protest of the Wii U release date delay. They stand amid a group of fans, with someone holding a banner that says in French, “Release Rayman, support Ubisoft Montpellier.” A skilled drawing of a teary-eyed Rayman says “SVP!” (“please!”), and the background shows tiny crowds holding banners that say things like “Wii U”, “28/02/13”, and “Rayman.”


As of yet, Ubisoft hasn’t given a response to the photos, but Ancel and his development team’s appearance in the photographs is quite the challenge to their own publisher. It’s rare to see a small team like this stand up against a giant, but it’s bound to give plenty of attention to the cause, and will hopefully be enough to get some discussion going over at Ubisoft about the decision to delay.


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