Disney Interactive Pushes Back Infinity Launch

…but not too far. While Disney Interactive planned to launch their new game, Disney Infinity, in June, an interview with the New York Times revealed that the date has been pushed back to August, in order to give the developers a little more time to polish up any rough edges.

The new proposed launch date for North America is August 18th, and other regions should see it on August 20th. When Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants spoke to the New York Times, he mentioned that they actually made the decision after speaking with retailers—who were hoping the release would hit closer to the rather lucrative and economically critical holiday season.

While the Disney fandom might be a little disappointed by this, ultimately it sounds like it will mean a better game. “The date became an issue in terms of [stores] asking, ‘Is there a better opportunity here?’ …We could deliver in June if we wanted to,” said Pleasants, “will a two-month timing change help us? Sure, of course. It gives us a little more time to add bells and whistles and make sure it really sings and pops.”

See, players? Good news for you, all things considered. It’s the investors who aren’t too pleased, as Disney has had a string of rough financial results as of late. While the game’s delay may impact the company’s profits for the year,  the release of an even better game than planned could have a serious impact on lifting the company’s results to a happy place.


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