Surprise April Discounts on 3DS eShop

Nope, yesterday’s discounts weren’t an April Fools joke… but they were definitely a surprise! For whatever reason, Nintendo of America chose April 1st to discount a number of titles on the 3DS eShop—part of a new trend of surprise discounts on the Wii U and 3DS.

Six games are a part of this surprise discount, and nothing we’ve seen has indicated whether this is a sale or a permanent drop—are these just the new lower prices for the games? Who knows! Either way, if you were planning on picking up a copy of any of these titles, now’s the time.

And as an aside, Nintendo of America has yet to issue an official press release talking about the discounts, so… *shrug*

Here are the games with lower prices:

  • 3D Game Collection — $4.19
  • 3D MahJongg — $3.49
  • Gardenscapes — $5.59
  • Murder on the Titanic  — $5.59
  • Order Up!! — $4.99
  • Planet Crashers — $4.99


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