New Confirmations for DK Country Returns 3D

Satoru Iwata is calling the upcoming port of Donkey Kong Country Returns (now with 3D added to the title) a “perfect fit” for the 3DS!

The game has apparently been adapted for the casual gamer, in the sense that it’s designed to be playable in small bursts—a little different from the long-form feel of the game for the Wii. In our opinion, this makes sense considering a 3DS is typically used when on the go… and there are few things  more annoying than getting where you’re going and having to close the handheld in the middle of your gameplay.

Thus, there’s been a new mode added to compensate for this, where the player gets a third heart (as well as Diddy), so you can take more hits before going down. Plus, there will be additional items to make things a bit easier along the way—portable DK barrels, for example, as well as green balloons to grab onto, to avoid falling into pits.

There’s more, of course, but we’ll let you discover some of those things on your own (because you are going to play it, right?).

But before you complain that “games are too easy these days!”, remember these things are optional! The new mode is optional! If you’re a purist, you’ll still be able to get the Wii experience on your 3DS (though why you wouldn’t just play it on the Wii in that case is another question entirely).

Players who make it through the game will be able to access 8 brand new levels as a reward.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will hit shelves on May 24th!


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