Wii U Spring System Update

Nintendo has confirmed that there will be a system update for the Wii U next week, and this time it’s being rolled out worldwide. The update will do just what everyone has been waiting for: Shorten wait times between loading screens, when switching applications, or when trying to get back to the Wii U Home Menu in less time than it takes to make a sandwich.

The update will allow players to move data between USB hard drives, install new software in the background automatically, or receive immediate game updates (instead of loading up the game to get the download going).

You’ll also be able to reboot the console into classic Wii mode with the touch of a button: Hold down B when you turn on the Wii U, and voila!

We’ve also been promised additional improvements, though whether they’ll be front-end noticeable is another thing entirely. But wait, there’s more! The day after the update, we’ll finally get Wii U Panorama View in the Nintendo eShop, plus a free demo for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to try this interesting feature yet.

And… just as you’ve been waiting for… the Wii U Virtual Console Service will be up and running.

Here’s to a better, faster Wii U this spring!


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