Mega Man 5 Soundtrack Now Available

Dear Mega Man Fans:

Get  out your wallets, now.

Love, Capcom

…oh, wait… so maybe they didn’t officially write a letter like that to Mega Man fans, but they might as well have. If you haven’t spent enough cash this year on Capcom’s product releases to celebrate the Blue Bomber’s 25th anniversary, it’s time for another round of penny-dropping.

The release of the Mega Man 5 soundtrack in the Capcom store coincides with the game’s re-release on the 3DS’s Virtual Console, and this modestly priced $8.97 album contains a hefty chunk of listening with 57 tracks.

The tracks from this game were created by former Capcom employee Mari Yamaguchi, whose other work can be found on the Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts soundtrack as well as some tracks on Mega Man 10.

As with the other game re-releases on Virtual Console, we can expect the sixth game’s soundtrack to release around the same time. If this is something you’re collected, head on over and fill up that iPod.


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