Link and Samus Figurines Head West

Fans of the Zelda and Metroid game franchises will probably already know about the figurines released last year in Japan by Max Factory: a rather awesome posed Link with two facial expressions to choose from, and a Samus entitled “Metroid: Other M.”

Things are a’ changing, however, and Western distribution has been picked up by Big Bad Toy Store, citing the resolution of a licensing issue. That allows a fresh run of production for the final quarter of the year, and a chance to bring the figurines to the West just in time for the holiday season.

Naturally, these babies cost a pretty penny. Both Samus and Link can be pre-ordered for $49.99 each, but if you want a Samus Zero Suit PVC figure, the pre-order for that shiny object is going to set you back a hefty $99.99.

Tempting, no?


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