32GB Premium White Wii U… in Japan

Nintendo has confirmed a number of interesting details on hardware… too bad they’re all for things only being released in Japan, so far as we know. First up is a Premium SKU for the Wii U, which is going to be released in Japan on July 13th—it’ll have 32GB of internal memory, and cost 31,500¥ ($312 USD).

In addition, the Wii Remote will see an officially produced rechargeable battery, as well as a “Fast Change” dock—something that’s long overdue, in our opinion. These items will retail for 4,200¥ ($41 USD) or if you’re just purchasing a battery, it’ll set you back about 2,625¥ ($26 USD).

As for the GamePad, Nintendo is releasing an official 2550mAh battery pack that boosts its usage duration up to… wait for it… eight hours. And once this baby hits the shelves in Japan, it’ll go for 3,150¥ ($31 USD).

Should anyone, by chance, not have a copy of Nintendo Land, there will also be a release of the game bundled with a Wii Remote (there are various colors to choose from). We’re not sure of the price on this item, however.

When will these accessories and Premium system make their way to North American and European shores? We have no idea… but keep those fingers crossed.


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