Luigi 3DS XL Release Date Nears

Viewers of the April Nintendo Direct will recall that the Japanese presentation announced an upcoming 3DS XL version that features Mario’s green-suited brother—which isn’t that much of a surprise, considering 2013 has been dubbed by Nintendo as the “Year of Luigi”.

As a tie-in to the upcoming 3DS title Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, we’re scratching our heads a little bit as to why we haven’t heard whether this special edition will be heading outside of Japan. That said, if you’re living in Japan, or big on importing Japanese Nintendo products, you’ll be happy to know that additional retailing details have emerged.

The Luigi-themed 3DS XL will hit store shelves in Japan on July 18th, with a pre-installed version of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on the handheld’s 4GB SD card. The cost for the system will be just little more than a standard 3DS XL in Japan (around $25 USD), retailing for 22,800¥… but with the game included, that actually means folks who purchase the system will get the game for less than shelf price.

Fingers crossed we’ll see this one headed our way… but in the meantime, Animal Crossing fans can look forward to the Animal Crossing: New Leaf bundle on June 9th (in North America).


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