Level-5 Comes Through With Favorite Character Wallpaper

A little while back, Level-5 conducted a poll in celebration of their 15th anniversary… and knowing that the internet is a strange place where strange things happened, they begged fans to take the poll seriously. Of course, that’s almost like asking for trouble, because what happened next certainly wasn’t serious by any stretch.

A load of pranking fans—because who else would do this?—voted for the Aero Porter plane as their favourite character, leaving the beloved Professor Layton all the way down the charts in 13th place.

The point of the poll was to determine which of the company’s characters would feature in a Top 10 special wallpaper… and though they may not be thrilled about the outcome, Level-5 remained true to their promise. What the internet wants, the internet gets—and apparently, the internet wants the Aero Porter plane and a handful of characters from the Inazuma Eleven cast.

Take a look at the wallpaper above! Well played, Level-5… well played.


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