Comic-Con 2013: Nintendo’s Video Roundup

If you’re a fan of slick promotional videos or seeing recaps of the exciting things you missed at events you didn’t attend, you’re in luck! Nintendo has released a round-up video of its time at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend.

Nintendo had a nice pile of Wii U and 3DS games with them at the event this year, and they set up both a booth and a gaming lounge that allowed curious folks to try upcoming titles. They also brought along that now-famous DK barrel prop from E3.

Pikmin 3 was a center focus of the booth, while the gaming lounge area was rather enormous—watch the video below and take a look! You may also catch a glimpse of a game you’ve been anticipating… hearing folks who got a chance to play some of these games talk about their experience is enough to get anyone excited about Nintendo’s upcoming lineup!


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