Release Dates Jump About After Financial Statement

Earlier today, Nintendo released its first quarter financial results to the public, showing some scary figures for the Wii U and some happier ones for the 3DS.

One of the more notable, interesting pieces of information released alongside the quarterly results is that download revenue has increased 150% since the equivalent sales period in 2012. That said, downloadable retail titles weren’t available in the equivalent period last year on the 3DS—but it sure does seem to show that putting retail titles in the eShop to download was a step in the right direction.

We’ve also seen in the results that the Wii’s sales slipped past 100 million lifetime sales, while the 3DS also passed the 100 million lifetime sales mark in software.

And when it comes to software for the 3DS, Nintendo mentioned a few titles that have performed exceptionally well for the last three months, including a title that has sold like wildfire in Japan—and it’s only available there, too! The Tomodachi Collection has sold 1.39 million copies in Japan; Animal Crossing: New Leaf (available worldwide) sold 1.54 million; Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (available worldwide) has sold 1.43 million copies.

That’s good news from Nintendo, and even better news for the state of the 3DS. It’s nice to see that platform has recovered nicely since early days when things were looking a little shaky…  can Nintendo do it a second time and turn things around with the Wii U? That remains to be seen.


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