Chicago Train Celebrates the Year of Luigi

Commuters in Chicago got their Monday morning off to an interesting start this week! Nintendo of America transformed one of Chicago’s L-Trains into a Luigi Express, prettied up with Luigi artwork along the outside.

The interior also transformed, turning green along the walls and ceiling, and folks taking the Green Line that day—ah hah, how clever—may have even had a chance to meet the taller, green-garbed plumber brother himself!


Commuters who passed through the Clark/Lake Station were also presented with an opportunity to get their hands on a trial version of New Super Luigi U at special demo booths. The whole shebang was put together to promote New Super Luigi U, which is currently available in the Wii U eShop and will be hitting retail shelves on August 25th.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to ride the Luigi train, don’t worry! It’ll stay outfitted in its theme until September 8th.



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