“Moon Postcard” Celebrates DuckTales: Remastered Launch

The Wii U gets a little more nostalgic today with the release of DuckTales: Remastered in North America! This is one title that has been eagerly anticipated by hordes of 80’s babies, especially those with sunny memories of the original NES.

The game has been long admired and beloved as a favourite NES title for many reasons—the music, the game’s look and appearance, and the fun settings. Plus, it’s DuckTales! And just in time for the launch, Capcom has released one more video in its series of “postcards,” this time coming to us straight from the Moon stage of the game.

The Moon stage is one of the big features of the title, often talked about by fans and shared as one of the game’s many high points and unique aspects. The video from Capcom gives us a whole minute of footage, which will surely entice any on-the-fence buyer into seriously considering plunking down some coin.

Watch, enjoy, and get that controller warmed up!


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