Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Bonus Edition Coming to North America

Hey now! SEGA has announced that there will be a special Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, which features content from the classic game NiGHTS into Dreams…

The Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Bonus Edition will be available in North America and Europe, and will feature a “world of nightmares” for Sonic to face. Bad guy Wizeman is responsible for this horrific situation, and Sonic will find himself facing the Deadly Six, who ride on huge monsters inspired by the game NiGHTS into Dreams…

You’ll be able to grab this exclusive by pre-ordering Sonic Lost World, though there will be a small number of retail editions on store shelves after release. When you pre-order, you’ll receive an exclusive code for NIGHTMARE DLC—so if this is what you’re after, get it in advance, since there’s currently no word on whether it’ll be available for purchase after the fact.

Players will be able to enter the level and play at any time during the game, and will receive a special Color Power as a reward on completion.

Needless to say… Sonic fans, get those pre-orders in while you can!


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