PAX Prime: Bayonetta 2 – First Impressions

Bayonetta 2 is one of the remaining “exclusives” heading to the Wii U, so naturally Nintendo Fire wanted to check it out immediately and see if it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. The good news? Looks like it will be. There may be changes by the time the game is released, but seeing as how we still don’t know when that is (the Nintendo reps at the booth didn’t have a date for us, so no one really knows at this point), fingers crossed that the delay is for the better.

The demo for the game was about 15 minutes long, and split into three “verses”—most of these scenes are those we saw in the E3 trailer in June.

You have the option of using the GamePad’s regular controls, or using the touchscreen—which is a good, innovative use of the technology at hand—through which you’ll draw out your attacks using the stylus!

Naturally, the first stage gets you prepped for action, familiarizing you with controls and movement, taking out enemies by the hundreds. The second “verse” is a train level, requiring more precise movement and attacks, often against just one baddie at a time. You’re also going to need to learn how to dodge and do it quickly. The final “verse” is a boss battle—the monster Gomorrah—and you finally get to use your flight ability, which begins automatically as the level begins.

The good news is that the controls seem very responsive, and it’s looking great visually. We didn’t get to try out the multiplayer (two players) feature in the demo, which seemed like a shame—when you have so many people wanting to try out a game at a con, it makes sense to get as many people on the game as possible at once, doesn’t it?—but it was still a good sampling of what’s coming.

We’re going to leave aside the discussion on Bayonetta’s new look—really, is it that important? Maybe she just got tired of her old getup—and mention briefly that she does, in the end, seem to wear less. Less is more? You wouldn’t think so when fighting bad guys with sharp teeth, but to each their own. There’s no overt nudity—thanks, Nintendo!—but there’s definitely strategic placement happening at times, if you know what I mean.

If you’re a Bayonetta fan, keep an eye out for this… hopefully we get a release date soon!


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