PAX Prime: Where to Find Nintendo

Just a quick briefing on where to head to get to Nintendo’s booths!

Handheld Lounge – Level 2 & Level 3 à If there are beanbags lying around, grab one and sit down! There’s a gaming sign-out area on Level 2 at the Handheld HQ. Games can be borrowed for an hour without penalty, and you are required to leave some form of ID as collateral.

Expo Hall – When you enter from the Skybridge, head straight back through the Expo Hall, putting Ubisoft to your right and Microsoft to your left. Head back, with NCSoft and Nexon appearing on your right, and Astro Gaming on your left… just before Nintendo, which will be on the left. It’s a large booth with giant signs, you really can’t miss it!

Remember that there are additional Nintendo games scattered throughout the Expo Hall and elsewhere (there are plenty of 3DS games to try out in the Handheld area), so keep an eye out for those when you’re at other booths too!


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