PAX Prime: Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut – First Impressions

This Wii U eShop game from Toxic Games is a quirky puzzle game that will appeal to those who love creative puzzle games and brain-twisting puzzles! The Director’s Cut edition comes with new features, some of which were on display at PAX this year.

It’s the kind of game that requires a lot of trial-and-error to get right, so it’s hard to demo this kind of game under pressure at a demo station in a busy convention center hall.

You play the game in first-person perspective, with a pair of gloved hands on the screen. One of these hands can pull back a block, and the other can push, and you learn quickly that the different colored blocks on the screen have different purposes.

For example, if you push a blue block into the corner of a room and walk over it, you can use it as a springboard. A red cube can be extended three times longer than its original shape—and so on. While the situation looks simple at first—maybe too simplistic to some—the simplicity in the game actually provides the challenge here.

You need to find the right pattern of springing and pulling out blocks and so forth, and the main plus of this game is the responsiveness of the controls. The first-person worked very well, without feeling jerky or awkward, and the jumping worked great, but getting the right block highlighted with the on-screen cursor did provide some problems.

A twitchy cursor can actually mess up all of your progress in the game, so it would be nice to see the final version released with the ability to adjust sensitivity settings. Despite that, however, this is a game to watch, especially if you’re interested in difficult puzzles and problem-solving.


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